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Jay Cox: Musician ~ Pianist
Aliases: Jay Fox
Age: really young
Location: London England
Born: London, England
Producing Styles:
- Pop, Hard Metal, Funkee House - Jazz - Blues - Trance (occasionally)
Influences: Richard F, Harry Choo Choo, Steve Angello

It's a Jay?...
Ever wondered where this saying came from?  Well a few years ago I left a message on my friend Dave's voicemail and I was pretty drunk at the time.  I think I said "it's Jay!" but I obviously slurred it a bit.  Dave picked this up and keep saying it when he came down from Coventry and after that it stuck!  So I call him It's a Dave! and that's where that saying came from!
I bet you feel much better after hearing that :)

The Morning Boys
Lost in Vision/Pray
  (Toolbox Records)

Jay Cox
Takin Tips
(Toolbox Records)

Jay Cox & Nik Denton
Sound of the underground
[Paul Glazby Remix] (Toolbox Records)

The Morning Boys
Wake up EP
[Alan Thompson
Remix] (Toolbox)

Jay Cox & Ben Gray
Cocaine [Kinki Roland Remix]
(White label)

The Morning Boys
The Ultimate
[F1 Remix](Promo Records)

Jay Cox & Nik Denton
The Southside EP
(12" Thumpers - incorrect artist  labelling!)

Denton and King
Trauma RMX & Bonkerz Remix
(12" thumpers I did both remixes and didn't get any credit again!)

Places I have DJed:
- Ponana in Portsmouth
- Club Venue Ringwood
- The Magnum.
- Soap including Boat Party's.
- Twisted including Boat parties.
- Bar Cuba.
- Bar Risa.
- 42 THS.
- The Edge.
- Various private parties.
- The Magnum
- DJing Occasionally at the moment

I have been writing music for as long as I can remember, but writing professionally since 1999, I founded Toolbox Records (aka Toolbox Recordings) with Nik Denton which is still going strong.

After a 2 year rest I am back better than ever, with more confidence.  I have a new studio which I am becoming very comfortable with and I'm aiming to go further than I have ever done before.  With a little help from my new vocalist Maria Reeves.
   I have been working with Maria since June 2004 and we have big things to come. Maria has also performed some of our new tracks live and have had a great response.

I have been working with other DJs such as Dan Apps & Phil Collins (U4RIC DJs) producing Trance (yes trance for people that know me)

I have done ok with music and I know it going to get better but I haven't forgot about anyone that have helped me. So I would like to say a
Big thanks to:-

Dave Eliyot @ www.inta-audio.com
This man has helped me no end and continues to do so, With the good deals on music equipment and advise as well as good friendship he is invaluable to any success I have. Thanks :)

mum&dad (noise) ,my Brother Phil, Ben Rush, Maria Reeves, Ben Gray, Spencer Horton, Neil Trixx, Jurian (website designer), Dominic France (help putting site together and hosting it!)

Shout outs:-

DSI crew!, Neil Cox, Steve Compton, Andy Dick, Darren Mears, Dan Apps, Phil Collins, Omaha, Hayley, The black hand gang, Ridney, Jabba/Bukem/Blink, Staty, Griffin, Kreator, Leo (can), Adrian Steel, Andy White, AJ, Dennis & Mich, Lane Puttock, Lance Jones, Paul White, Ben Reeves,  Ali Seewoonarain & Ed(Allied), Andt Mc, Deadsense, Matt Handy, Gav Porteus, Simon Kidger, Jodie Eliyot,  and sorry if i have missed anyone :)



...Latest News...

Boat Party Pics
13 Feb 2005! (Last Updated)

Not many photos this time, but it was a great boat.  It was nice to hear my music being played on both floors!  My new track with Dan Apps was played out for the first time and got a very good reaction! :)  Look out for the clip on here soon.  The remix is due to be done by Mike Foyle which we are excited about.


26th January 2005!

It's not 100% finished but it's nice to actually get a track finished!  It's been exactly 3 months since I put a track on here!  The track is a Trancey-Electro style track not my usual style but it was fun doing it. Please leave your comments on the forums :)

Proceed to the Listen Section... :)

There are also two new Trance tracks in the shop ~ This is the only place you will see these MP3's for sale. Don't forget to check the exclusive Steve Birch Remix out! (they will be in the listen section soon)

2 New Tracks....
30th January 2005 (Last Updated)

I have added two new Trance tracks in the Listen section!

28th January 2005!

I knew it seemed a bit easy doing the shop, but somehow I have managed to change one setting and mess it all up!! So the shop is closed as the mo 'till I rebuild it  :'(

28th January 2005!

I love my car and I don't want to sell it but I need the money to pay for my holidays in Spain and Australia this year, and I'm getting a company car.

Peugeot 306 Diesel Turbo :'(

Music Clips Updated
23rd January 2005!

The music clips in the Listen section have been updated, some have been re-mastered and some are still not working (only a few)

The Site is Due for an upgrade soon, with more sections and music.

Also there are some new pics in the Gallery

New Track Started with U4iC DJ's
19th January 2005!

The first track this year for me, I have got together once again with U4ic DJ's A.K.A. Dan Apps & Phil Collins to start another trance track.  We are about half way through and it is sounding very nice.  This definitely is better then the first one, that I will post on here very soon.  We hope to finish this track for Wildchild Vs Passion @ The Royal Halls of Heaven in London on 4th February,  Dan & Phil are playing there. 

New tracks coming!...
14th January 2005!

I know it's been a while but they are coming :) I have just got 3 remix's to do....

New Yeah New Flavour
8th January 2005

A new year starts and like most people, things have started a bit slow. I have decided to cut down on drinking a little bit but I'm not giving up!   I haven't added any new music to the site for a while because I have not been finishing tracks as I have been a little unsettled.  So after a period of unproductiveness I'm ready to to start fresh with a new style/perspective in house music.  Lets just say I was Vanilla last year and this year I'm going to be chocolate!

So by the end on Jan 2005 expect a load new "finished" music and re-mastered existing tracks with all audio in the listen section updated and working.

Some people may know that I have not been working with that many other people lately but I have decided to started collaborating with other musicians/producers again in 2005.  Working with other people always brings the best out in me and it is great fun doing it!  So if you are an an experienced producer or singer/writer then please get in touch (contact me) and we'll go from there.

Other than that, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and new year, but it's back to reality and hard work!

New Photo's of Christmas Eve!
27th December 2004

I had such a good time and I wasn't even drinking!!! I got together with the Black hand gang for what was meant to be a meal but it didn't end up happening and we ended up at the Crown in Bishops Waltham.  There were a few DJ's playing soulful house and as usual we all just messed about and had a laugh.  It was the best night out I have had for ages!!!! Check out the crazee photos in the Gallery :)

Thank you to everyone that was there!!

After that I went down to an undisclosed club in Pompey to meet up with my Nephew Neil and my friends Steve, Andy.

Another New Gallery Added - 27th December ~ Stimulate at Havana's in Portsmouth.

Dan Apps & Jay Cox Present .... U4IC DJ's
21st December

I have been working on a Trance track with Dan Apps and Phil Collins.  As some of you may know I am not really into Trance but I thought I would have a go at producing it! 
  The track is really different and the people that have heard it really seem to like it.   We have got the one and only Steve Birch to remix it and he has done a fine job.  Steve's tracks have been charted No.1 with Radio One's Dave Pearce

More news to come but we have confidence it will get signed.

The track will be available for preview soon...

12th December

I have been making some changes to the site over the past few days, I have put in a rotation banner for showing special links, pics and announcements. I have also put the tracks in the listen section into category's even though they are not all working at the mo!  The forums are on there way to how I want them to look but I'm not there yet.

Music has been a bit slow lately, I haven't had much inspiration, and all the tracks I have been doing lately I have never got round to getting them finished..

I do have an interesting project coming up very soon.. :) watch this space.

Website down time... :(
20th November

Some of you may have noticed that the website has been down for a few days.  I had a problem with my hosting so I changed servers.  Any email sent I would probably have missed so if you have sent any important emails in the past couple of days to me please re-send.
I would like to say thanks to Dominic France for the previous hosting and the help he has given me the past year. 

Please note that the music clips in the listen section are not working at the moment.  I didn't back them up so I have lost them all!  Give me a few days. Lesson Learnt!
I have also decided to use a different forum so please bare with me while I incorporate it into the site.  Please register with the forums..!!!  Thanks :)

New Record Shop opened.
26th November

There is a new record shop in Southampton called Future Groove Records and it is run by my friend Dan Apps in the same shop as M2 DJ store.  Click here to see a flyer and click here to go straight to the site...  I have done a trance track with Dan which has just been re-mastered and will be available soon..

Finally the Gallery is working!
25th November

I have been messing around with a free gallery script ever since  the site opened and I couldn't solve a problem.  Thanks for my friend Jabba aka Blink aka Bukem he saw the problem and sorted it out for me.  Thanks!  Some of the pictures might be a little big, but I will scale them down soon :)

Thanks to Sean Jefferies for supplying the pictures

James's Birthday Party @ The Barleycorn in
23rd November

It certainly went off at the usually quiet Barleycorn pub in Bishops Waltham.  It was so packed you could hardly move and the atmosphere was wicked. I didn't end up playing, that's the trouble with beer! haha, anyway I must say I really enjoyed the music, there was loads of DJs there playing a few tunes and sometimes playing again..  James had his first mix , Sean Jefferies played a great debut set, Frostee, Stevey Omaha, Phil Collins and Dan Apps, Kalvin, all played very well.  There was a bit of a change that night because Ali Seewoonarain played a very nice set of Drum & Bass!  Everyone loved it! A great night, I wasn't drunk honest :)

Oh I nearly forgot!  Last time Stimulate was at the Barleycorn I was ill and I wasn't there, in fact I was at home writing the Back2Basics Sort Throat Mix!  Anyway, Omaha Played my track Raspberry Cake and apparently it went off!
At the beginning of the night last Saturday the Landlady of the Barleycorn asked if I could play it in my set but as I didn't play she came to me at the end of the night quite disappointed and asked me to play it then!  Bearing in mind that it was nearly 12am and the music had been off for 20mins because they didn't have a late licence!   Everyone got back up on the dance floor, it is so nice to have a track appreciated like that :)  Pix in Gallery now!

Stimulate was great!
14th November

I DJed properly for the first time in nearly 3 years @ Stimulate. After being a little nervous at first I really enjoyed the set. Maria sung Back2Basics Remix, No One, Falling, and free styled over a few other tunes that I was playing, She done excellent especially with the over sensitive mic!
The set was well received, I'm still in two minds weather to get back into DJing properly.  I also would like to say thanks to the people that came down to support me! Some travelled a long way :) Thanks!

Picture Taken by Sean Jeffery

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th November
(Last Updated)

I am very excited about some big news I have just received about my music, nothing is confirmed yet but watch this space and I will reveal all when I am able to!  :)

It's been a hectic few weeks...
9th November

But the SPX Boat was excellent. Great set from everyone I heard, they really got my juices flowing!  Omaha & Wade's 1st Back2Back set was wicked. Nick Mears took it a little harder and his scratching was excellent! Omaha & Wade played a 2nd B2B set played some rugged dirty house. It was like being in a brothel, erm, not that I know!  Rob Nesbit played a nice tech set at the end with topped the night off. Unfortunately I'm more of a house fan then trance, but I know all the people downstairs were pumping all night long! oh err!!
Apart from that I have had a bit of a block on the music front but last night I started another dirty house track, it's will be on here in a few days :)

Another day another dirty house track! :)
25th October

I'm on a roll I think! I glad that I'm actually doing something with my time. This track is a bit different for me really, please let me know what you think...

The Track is called The Cause and it is available to preview in the Listen section.

Another new track!
23rd October

I have done a new track inspired from my Celestial Remix, this time with vocals from Princess TPF. (Maria). It will be test driven tonight @ Ponana in Portsmouth.

The Track is called Falling and it is available to preview in the Listen section.

New Remix!
20th October

The thing I love about music is the people you meet, and the  opportunities to do different stuff and get inspired. 
I sold my Yamaha O1V to a guy (Jammer)  over the internet, on the phone we seemed to click and when he came to pick the desk up we got on great. 
He had a brilliant idea of letting all his on-line mates to remix a track of his.   As soon as I got the samples and heard the track I was immediately inspired and after an hour and a half I had a track finished (there might be some changes).  I love it when this happens!  I am quite happy with the track as it is different and in the the style I am heading towards!  Electro House :)  The full track is available to listen to at Jammers site, please check it out :)


Studio section updated...
17th October

I have uploaded 7 new pics of the studio... please check them out..

Tunes played at Ministry of Sound...
16th October

I went to MOS yesterday and my friend DJ Omaha  played  out JAM and it went down very well! :)

DJ Date Announced..
14 October 2004

I will be DJing on the 13th November @ Ponana in Portsmouth.  I will be doing a live PA with Maria, It's usually a good night at Ponana, it would be nice to see some people down there. Here are the flyers....click to enlarge.


Boat Party ~ Ocean Village
14th October 2004

The will be a boat party called The Good ship going from Ocean Village in Southampton on the 6th of November, there are few tickets left now but there are some, if you need any tickets please let me know ASAP. DJs, Omaha, Dan Apps, Phil Collins, Nick Mears and more...

Brand new website!
13th October 2004

It's here!  The new website which will bring you info and me my studio and my music, and also events I go to or DJ at along with some fun stuff! any suggestions would be welcomed. I will also be showing other people music on this site, for more info go to the  listen section.

The site is not totally finished I have to get the Gallery working and forums looking better but you are able to leave a message. I'm aware that the wonderful link in the listen section isn't working yet.

This site will be updated often, please don't forget to register on the forums :)  Thanks!!

I'd also like to say thanks to Dominic France for helping with the finishing touches to the site, and hosting it.

Remix of a rock track!
9th October 2004

Speaking to my friend Ben Rush's brother Jon who is the lead singer in a band called Plastic Toys. He mentioned a remix which I was totally up for, although it was nothing official yet I said I would like to do it as a personal project, I have some great ideas, I hope I can get them across ok.
  The website is
www.plastictoys.co.uk , please check the video out as it's amazing!  The track is excellent too I have no doubt that they will do well in the future.   Jon and I have plans on doing a house track together which I will be working on soon.